Carribean Barbecue

Charcoal has been in use for hundreds of years since man first discovered the merits of using it as a source of fire. It is no wonder that the bulk of barbecue grilling joints in the Caribbean and world over still prefer to burn charcoal. Here's a guide to the best type of BBQ Charcoal to burn to achieve consistent standards when preparing this delicacy.

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Caribbean barbecue ingredients

Before we delve into the best type of charcoal for barbecue preparation, we first need to understand what comprises a typical Caribbean barbecue. The essential ingredients that go into a Caribbean BBQ include chicken jerks, pork chops, and beef steaks. Each of these has a unique method of preparation. Barbecue sauce is another delicacy that comprises onion, garlic, and ginger that undergo heating in olive oil until tender.

Lump charcoal

Char wood is an authentic form of coal sourced from burning trees and hide in an underground chamber. This variation is ideal because it is devoid of any impurities such as binders. Char wood produces pure flames that burn hot thus concentrating heat in one area, a feature that proves useful when preparing chicken or pork chops.


If you regularly contest in barbecue competitions, then briquettes are the way to go. This product delivers a flame that burns for long thus reducing the need to refuel periodically. Briquettes are mostly made up of wood scraps and sawdust which burns steadily maintaining desirable temperatures for the entire grilling period.

Enhancing barbecue taste

How you prepare your BBQ will go a long way to determine the final taste. There are a few tips and tricks that cooks can rely on to improve the quality of their servings. The first tip is down to how you regulate the heat from your grill. World-class chefs employ a trick known as indirect heating to achieve good results. This technique entails the use of temperature control vents.

Using quality meat products

One of the hidden secrets kept by the best barbecue grilling is that where you get your recipe items matters. This secret is especially useful where chicken or beef is the main ingredient. Access to natural and high-quality charcoal is crucial because it can affect the delicacies flavour. Coal that contains petroleum and other oily substances can leave behind a smoky flavour that might ruin the entire meal.

Another deal breaker is how well you calibrate your grills. Always keep your grilling equipment clean and dry to get the best outcomes each time you cook.